Singer Meesha Shafi has said that she had a detailed meeting spanning over two hours with Ali Zafar’s representatives before going public with sexual harassment allegations against the actor.

Meesha Shafi gave an exclusive interview in response to last night’s Ali Zafar’s allegations made about her launching an campaign against him on socialmedia.

The interview was aired on Geo News show Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath a few hours ago
This interview hence marks as Meesha Shafi’s first television appearance since the harassment and defamation cases were filed in court last year in April.

During the interview Meesha Shafi remained calm and in perfect control of her emotions. Meedha said, the harassment hadn’t happened just once, but in fact twice. The first time when it happened she shared her experience with her Husband. Both Meesha and her husband keep the nature of the matter in mind and how ot would take tell on both families, decided to let it go.
Talking about the initial months after the second incident took place she said: “Those four months after the incident, I did not speak about it. I had blocked it out. I was not thinking about it, nor was I thinking about how or when to talk about it. I made a promise to myself that, after what I had experienced first hand, I would not put myself in such a situation where I would feel vulnerable like this.”

It was only after it occurred again, did Meesha Shafi took the courage to involve Ali Zafar’s PR representatives and informed them about the u fortunate incident.

Meesha further added: “I was trying my best not to let this come out. I had given them the message that I do not want a controversy of any kind, and that I do not want this to come out in public. I tried my level to sort the issue behind close doors, privately. I told Ali Zafar’s PR representatives to take care of the matter and deal with it in the best way possible. But I didn’t get any breakthrough. Before going public with the allegations, I communicated privately through his PR managers, in a very clear manner that I do not want to work with Ali Zafar.” Instead I was told that I should visit him at his residence to talk about it and not through mediators.

Responding to why she performed on stage together with Ali Zafar, despite the incident, to which she replied: “I was abiding by my contract. It was a part of my agreement as per the professional contract.”

Talking further about her case and witnesses involved, Messha said: ” I have a number of witnesses with me who are willing to record their statement in the court. As per the harassment laws, the witnesses’ testimony is taken as evidence,”

Meesha went on to say that the hashtag making rounds on socialmedia which is curated by Ali Zafar #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi is ‘incorrect’.

“The perception being built of me not appearing in the courts and evading the hearings, she has not yet been summoned by the court. I will appear before the court whenever it summons me”

Meesha Shafi’s interview and statement comes in response to singer Ali Zafar’s allegation that a social media campaign has been launched against him by Meesha to complete deminish him and his career.

Watch Meesha Shafi’s complete interview

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