Mission Parwaaz – A Childhood Dream of Fakhr e Alam has Finally Taken Off

Updating from Florida- USA: Mission Parwaaz is a mission full of obstacles up in the air, but nothing seems to stop the uber-patriotic Fakhr-e-Alam. Fulfilling his childhood dream, Fakhr scored his private pilot license in 2015, later announcing his dream to circumnavigate the world to create a world record, first of its kind, in the history of Pakistan. Alam is currently flying the Pilatus PC12 single-engine turboprop aircraft for this mission. Fakhr will fly 26,000 miles, covering 31 cities and 25 countries on an estimated 28-day-long journey, weather permitting.

Keeping his followers updated with his current situation, Fakhr conveyed his message to the nation saying, “I have so far traveled 70% of the Atlantic. There was a small malfunction in the landing gear and hydraulic systems mid-flight, but having overcome this hitch, I am still very much determined to continue ahead and make my nation proud.”

After the announcement of Mission Parwaaz, Fakhr’s journey became a national affair making Pakistani’s around the globe proud. Fakhr-e-Alam started his tour on Wednesday, October 10th, from home base KPIE, Clearwater/St. Petersburg International Airport, Florida, USA, marking a historic event to circumnavigate the world in 28 days and dedicating his efforts to the people of Pakistan. Recent updates on Twitter states that Fakhr and his team have landed safely in Croatia this evening. Best wishes and prayers for the entire team to make a safe landing on their next destination, Egypt. Stay tuned for further updates at www.missionparwaaz.com.

Fakhr-e-Alam is extremely patriotic. Fakhr-e-Alam‏ was invited to Google headquarters on 1st August 2017. He became the first Pakistani entrepreneur to be invited to Facebook headquarters, California (Silicon Valley).
This reminds us of the lyrics of Fakhr-e-Alam’s very patriotic Bhangra/Rap song called Munda Pakistani that was released somewhere in the 90’s.

Chehray Pay Shaan Hai
Haathon Main Jaan Hai
Oonchi Uraan Hai
Dil Main Toofan Hai
Lohay Ka Hai Jigar
Sheron Ki Chaal Hai
Aankhain Uqaab Ki
Is Maan Ka Laal Hai
Ay Munda Pakistani Ay
Ay Munda Pakistani Ay…

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