Taking Women Designer Clothing to a Whole Next Level – Meet Ayesha Ibrahim

We can now feel the cold bite of winter as we can see frost patterns on the windows. Weather has changed a lot and so does the wardrobe of people all over the world. Fashion enthusiasts have now started to increase the number of dresses in their closet by purchasing their favorite designer wear. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most renowned women designer clothing brand Ayesha Ibrahim.
The designer is one of the most-acclaimed names in Pakistan fashion industry due to her breathtaking collection. The versatile collection includes alluring bridals to ravishing Pret. The brand has set new benchmark in the fashion industry with her artistic way of combining soft hues with spectacular illustrations and digital prints.
Her latest Pret collection flatters from every angle, few articles of the new collection are shown below:

The tempting collection is loved all over the world. The designer is famous for her signature style of using intricate craftsmanship along with her unique way of playing with colors. This attention to detail has set her apart from rest in the industry. Her latest collection includes some of the most celebrated modern cuts of this era. Awe-inspiring bridals full of embellishments, combined with marvelous craftsmanship depicts true personification of class and traditions. With attention to detail approach towards the color combination and embroidery, the brand has set new standards for casual ready to wear.
The tempting new collection showcases true masterstrokes in both bold and soft hues. Ayesha Ibrahim has showcased her impressive and top-notch collection at various occasions all over the world. Her each fashion show took the fashion industry by storm, appealing off the ramp, bridals and Pret wear included some head turner designer wear. This is the very reason for the brand’s international praise.

It’s time to surpass elegance and decency this fall 17-18 with Ayesha Ibrahim’s latest Pret wear. The signature collection in combination with our distinctive designs establishes a whole new trendsetter era for our customers. The brand has taken women designer clothing to a whole new level of elegance, class and sophistication. So, if you are looking to add-up some marvelous Pret wear in your winter wardrobe, then simply visit the online store of the brand to get your hands on some of the most eminent designs of modern era.

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