Land of the free and home of the brave are just a few ways to describe this country Pakistani’s call home. Some of everyone’s favorite artists have also incorporated the jazba of azaadi and mohabbat for Pakistan and sohni dharti intheir songs, and in honor of Independence Day PMR has compiled a list of some wonderful pop culture tunes to get you and your buds in the most patriotic of moods.

If your 14 August playlist doesn’t include these 10 songs, you’re doing it wrong.

Vital Signs – Maula

Junoon – Junoon Aur Ishq

Call – Hum Se Hai Yeh Zamana

EP Shor Macha

Various Artists-Rakh Lo Bharam


Haroon – Dil Se

Faakhir Dil Na Lagay

Awaz – Ae Jawan

Shehzad Roy – Hum eik Hain

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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