Artist: Adil Omar

Prod. By: Adil Omar & Talal Qureshi (Saturday Night Killing Machine); Big Moe (co.)

Margalla King EP coming 2016


[Intro & Hook][Verse 1]

Look at these bitch-ass rappers with their chin straps
Thin goatees with man-tits and flat brim hats
I’m still a player, Peter Parker lay the slick mack
Sneakin’ through your window, show your honey where the dick’s at
Big sack carry heavy balls, I tell a gym rat
(oye, oye) fuck boy bro to try to lift that
Knick knack paddy wack, give your dog a bitch slap
Never read a book but still he’s got a fucking six pack
Come at these suckers with a vengance
Rap mathematician add the punches to the sentence
Subtract the nothings; multiplying all my credits
Welcome to hell, there ain’t no love and no redemption
I am dry aged beef; funky, nutty and buttery
You a cryo-vac; fucking bloody and spluttering
I’m gobblin’ these goblins over lunch with some rubbery
Rhymes spilling out the skull that a bunch of you want from me


[Verse 2]

I’m not a spider, man; I’m a Spider-Man up on the highest stand
Blood, ink and fire spills from wrist to the writer’s hand
Then pulls the mic to hand; fuck death, you’re way off
Get tangled in a web of stress, drugs, sex and chaos
Much less, the pay off is me making amazing ends
You’ve got a crew and set, I’ve got amazing friends
I’m the Spider-Man, I weave my web across Islamabad
Never see me roll without an entourage
Band in a car garage; we bang it loud enough to torch your soul
Frat house; cigarette butts in a toilet bowl
And cause I’m dwelling in a den of debauchery
I blaze Peshawari hash till I have venom in arteries
Just tell ’em to start with me, I shell ’em with armory
These bitches getting jealous of an eloquent masterpiece
Drive a flying hearse towards these pussies standing by the bar
And have a devil’s threeway with Ice-Man and Firestar

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]

The end is nigh
Tension’s high; pussies riot here
Brace yourself for the Spider-Man in some riot gear
Jump over crowds, smack all you chumps and your pioneers
Kingpin of carnage, a juggernaut of the highest tier
Sandman control the globe just like I own the disco
Electrocuted in the shower so my flow electro
Jake the Snake muscle; pythons and serpents
Crush Boko Haram rebels, bust righteous insurgents
I lead the blind beyond a mindless perversion
Burning brighter than a tyrant selling violence and virgins
Make a pit stop at a Lahori khokha with the tallest order
Lacing up my boots and then I storm across the Wagah Border
Drop some acid, feel like Ravan; I got many faces
Psychedelic throne made from bones of all the Delhi rapists
Tread lightly; you should think where you’re steppin’
Go and call the doctor; octopus, my ink is a weapon

[Hook x2]


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