Hopscotch Pakistan Addictive Android Game aka “Shatapu”

A week ago, all of my colleagues over coffee were reminiscing all the cultural events and sports we as kids enjoyed. Oh the nineteens! We came up with many things on the list from our sweet, sweet childhood. Celebrating 14th August, faces painted, little flags all over the street dominated by a bigger one on each house. What a blast from the past. We recalled all our little and mega events and moments that we as a child enjoyed each year. Every year, we as kids used to anticipate Basant, Independence day and Eids months before the actual date. Special clothes, meetings and greetings, that enthusiasm, calling out all the neighbors. All of that painted our hearts green and they will never escape our hearts. Today our kids are not even acquainted with all such little cultural and fun outdoor sports.

This nostalgic feeling ignited the thought of creating a digital form of such colorful culture and fun version and over the weekend, OffRoad Studios developed the iconic cities themed game, culturally rich for this Independence day. Who doesn’t remember playing Shataapu aka Hopscotch in their childhood. The game we all played after school and in our streets. This Mobile Android game is inspired from thatThe game UI is bright and colorful, depicting the true colors and liveliness of our cities. The game currently is themed on the three big cities of Pakistan, however more cities will soon be added. The game is inspired by the long forgotten shataapu. Hopscotch android game has different difficulty levels and it is for everyone who miss those good old. It is a simple fun game which everyone can enjoy. Hopscotch Pakistan is definitely a throwback to the 90s. A great way to celebrate Independence Day. Introduce this game to the children of this generation this Independence day. Spread out the love. Speed out the memories. Celebrate this Independence Day to its fullest and download Hopscotch and cherish the good old memories of the nineteens, we all enjoyed in our golden days.

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