BOL Journalists Allegedly Harassed by FIA
The Axact embarrassment may not be slanting any longer, but rather the FIA is undoubtedly not prepared to relinquish the pained media system, BOL.

As uncovered by a source near to Journalism Pakistan, the Federal Investigation Agency has been supposedly blamed for irritating BOL’s Human Resources office, senior writers and anchorpersons.

As indicated by the report, FIA has bothered the HR bureau of BOL to give them the points of interest of every utilized anchorperson and writers and their separate occupation contracts.

It has been further asserted in the report that FIA is doing as such according to the requests of government and some media head honchos. While there have been numerous various contentions previously, the source asserts that FIA is giving extraordinary treatment to BOL workers and has never explored the writers by and by, before.

As FIA keeps on researching Axact, the guardian organization of BOL, for offering fake degrees and certificates to understudies, its likewise meaning to guarantee that BOL’s writers and different workers quit the system so that the news channel close down inevitably.

Just as of late, the FIA Director General, Akber Khan Hoti, guaranteed that BOL system and its related workers were utilizing the BOL TV test transmission, as a front end, for running a crusade against the office for researching Axact.

The very foreseen channel that should go on air on the first Ramadan had its permit suspended by the legislature not long after the Axact embarrassment had hit the fan. It was affirmed that the progressing test transmission could meddle with the examinations at present being held against Axact.

FIA has taken Axact CEO, Shoaib Sheik and seven different executives of the organization under authority while they explore the shameful cases made against the organization.

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