In a recent interview Sami spoke about his experience of working with AR Rahman. “AR Rahman is a good brother of mine, I’ve known him for about eight years. We are fans of each other, I’m a bigger fan, of course, but we like each other’s music. He came over to Sharjah and we spent time together. We hold a very close fraternal relationship,” Said Sami Yusuf.

Recently, A.R.Rehman shared a picture of himself and Sami Yusuf and shared the wonderful news with his fans, that A.R.Rehman and Sami Yusuf have finally recorded a song together after knowing each other for ten years.

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Muhammad is an upcoming 2015 Iranian film directed by Majid Majidi. The story revolves around the childhood of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The film marks Iran’s biggest-budget production to date and is the first part of the planned trilogy on the life of the Prophet. Barring a few scenes filmed in South Africa, the majority of the filming was done at a colossal set created in the city of Qom near Tehran. The film was officially announced in October 2011 and its filming was completed by 2013. The cinematography is done by Vittorio Storaro and film score is composed by A. R. Rahman.

The film score is composed by A. R. Rahman. His inclusion in the project was confirmed in May 2014. It took six months for A. R. Rahman to understand the kind of score that Majid Majidi wanted for “Muhammad”.
A. R. Rahman worked on the score for a year and a half. Singer Sami Yusuf has recorded a track for the film. In November 2014, Rahman recorded the Le Trio Joubran for the score. Further sessions of recording with the trio were held in Paris by February 2015. Geoff Foster co-produced the motion picture score with Rahman. The score comprises experimental melodies and rhythms.

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