Who doesn’t like to set the dance floor on fire with his/her groovy moves. Dancing has always been one of those inescapable facts of life.  Dont you feel that, its like dreaming with your feet, your body and when you put in passion, dancing is like dreaming and flying with your soul.

Have you ever hated being the one in the corner of the room while everyone else is enjoying themselves on the dance floor at a shaadi or a mehndi event? Well.. guess what, CloseUp now gives you the perfect opportunity to dance your heart away. Closeup presents “Make Your Move” to engage all the people for a day full of fun activities and competitions. It’s the a wonderful opportunity to get your friends together and spend an amazing time.  And how do you suppose will that happen.. Well the news is that:

“Top universities from all over Pakistan will battle it out on the CLOSEUP stage with intricate steps, graceful moves and pulsating beats at the their university premises. “Make Your Move” – The Inter university Dance Competition is organised by unilever pakistan and sponsored by CLOSEUP Pakistan, is indeed going to be an affair to remember. “

Oh, after reading this, are you worried that you wont be able to dazzle the audience with your slick moves, well then how about using CLOSEUP to just dazzle everyone with your bright smile 😉
So, spare nothing while opting for elaborate costumes, sensational music and pivoting dance moves.
Be your own choreographer, be your own dance maestro and leave no stone un-turned. Coax your friends to shine and dazzle on stage.
Remember, Friends who dance together, Stay together 😉

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