Soch feat Momina Mustehsan – Awari Ost Ek Villain 
Review by: Zaineb Hashmi

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui Awari main
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui Awari main..

This ardent track is another production of none other than Soch the band that comprises of Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed in collaboration with Momina Mushtehsan. The original version was featured in Nescafe Basement (Season 1) under the mentoring of Xulfi in 2012. In contrary to that track this one not only shows the woe of a woman, but the loss of a man as well. It shows the two-way traffic that goes on between the man and woman. Both have one thing in common; both suffer the mutual pain of losing each other, but are still in love.


Adnan Dhool : “Awari to be honest is no word, it does not exist in any vocab in Urdu, Hindi or Punjabi. The actual word used is ‘Awara’ for both genders. The word ‘Awari’ was coined by us just for the song. It was basically a shout out for our society to speak out for girls who for various reasons are pushed in the gruesome profession of adultery. In contrary to the original version featured in Nescafe Basement (Season 1) under the mentor-ship of Xulfi in 2012, Awari in Ek Villain is a duet and features female vocals of the US-based Momina Mustehsan and also has additional lyrics suited as per the situation of the movie and to the requirement of the director, Mohit Suri. The track titled ‘Awari’, is written, composed and rendered by Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed.”

The song starts with Adnan Dhool’s rich and heartfelt vocals carried on a strong melody along with profound lyrics. Teri baahon mein jo sukoon tha milaa
Maine dhoondha bahut par, phir na mila.”

Rabi Ahmed : “Contrary to the Nescafe Basement version, Awari in Ek Villain had to have female vocals. Keeping in mind, the soulful voice Adnan had, we had a tough time auditioning for a female voice. It was after a few days, that our manager Murtaza Niaz introduced us to Momina and insisted that she will be a perfect match with Adnan’s voice. We sent rough track of Awari for her to record her vocals as demo, and when this was done, we all fell in love with her voice right away. Her vocals were a perfect match with Adnan’s and there we decided to send her vocals to our director, they too loved her vocals and hence now we have the pleasure of introducing her in Bollywood, making Awari in Ek Villain not a debut for Soch but for Momina too.”

Momina joins in with her euphonious vocals as always portrayed in all her songs, with some bonafide and soulful lyrics that completely depicts the affliction of a woman in love. Duniya, choona, chahein mujhko yoon,Jaise unki saari ki saari main, Duniya dekhe roop mera, koyi na jaane bechari main..”

Soch : Break in Bollywood is like opening of a door to a whole new series of ventures. Soch is loving every bit of this moment, and is excited and nervous at the same time. The response is upbeat, with barely a few days to the release of Awari; Soch is overwhelmed by everyone’s response. Awari is being lauded and applauded world wide. We are so humbled by the appreciation and attention we r getting from people from all walks of life.

The particular feel could be witnessed throughout the song not only through the influential vocals but the unfathomable lyrics as well that makes it so spectacular in its own kind. It’s one of those melodies that one can easily relate to. These type of tunes are those that are “ALWAYS REMEMBERED AND KEPT ALIVE IN THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE” because they are so close to reality.

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