eBash Productions in association with University College Lahore (UCL) present to you a perfect start for spring. Farewell to the winters and say hello to coming colors of the time. A night of promising entertainment, fun and lots of fashion!

Fashion Boulevard ’14!
It is an amazing opportunity for all you fashion fanatics to get a hold of the ramp and show the audience what you’re made up of. The themes for the show are decided upon a mix of different categories. The models are to be judged upon by a panel of remarkable faces from the industry on the bases of their creativity, innovation, distinctive features and final execution.

Themes are as follows :

> Valentines: You know of only one duty, and that is to dress up. Let the love take over, dress yourselves up with the colors of love!
> Fairyland: Live you fantasies out Transform yourself into one of the wonders from your own imaginative fairyland.
> Casual: You have no boundaries, no restrictions. Wear whatever you want to, carry the casual you and move on.
> Neon: Show world the wonders of science and fashion when they are blended together. Light yourself up for starters. Rest? Surprise us.
> Sarkaar: Bollywood fan? Hollywood just doesn’t cut it? Fascinated by Amitabh and all the desi superstars? Pay your tribute to them. Tell them you’re better!

“Registration starts from 2nd February and ends on 12th February”

Rules and regulations!
1) Each team consists of 5 models at max, a designer, a make up artist (these two are a must) and a max of two supporters after paying the extra supporter’s fee.
2) Each model follows a different theme.
3) Rehearsals are mandatory for all the teams, any team who is absent of the day will not be allowed to perform on the event day.
4) A portfolio along with the sketches of outfits, the Music CD, 2 pictures of all the models and other team members are to be submitted within the given dates.
5) Incomplete submission of the required things will result into team being disqualified.

Special acknowledgment : Music Station
Webpartners: PMR – Pakmediarevolution.net (PMR)

For registrations/details:
Ehsan Manzoor Malik +92313-7555988
Haider Tareen +92345-4759258

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