Considering the rate at which technology is developing by leaps and bounds, the proposition of having a mini computer strapped to your wrist does not seem to be a distant probability.  However, there is one concept design of a wrist band converting into a PC which has completely caught the imagination of the avid gadget aficionado- the Sony Nextep Computer that has been designed by Hiromi Kiriki.  Although, this fabulous design is in its concept stage, nevertheless its entire form, idea and features have made it one of the most awaited gadgets to come out nearly seven years from now!



This concept of a wrist computer would be having an OLED touch screen which would be extremely flexible and that would be accompanied with a holographic projector that would do away with the screen and make it very high-tech.  You can pull out additional keyboard panels from the device and the features would also connect you to your preferred social networking sites. This wearable PC might sound a little geeky, but that is the way things have always been imagined.  Think of how we might have sounded back in the days before laptops and mobile phones existed!   We have now come to an age which is predominantly dependent and run by technology and communication.  Hence, our need for internet connectivity is at all times and this is the reason why technology needs to evolve further and provide us more profound devices that enable us to remain ‘connected’ at every step of the way- this is why Nextep Computers would bring about a new revolution in technology.



The design is super cool as it looks like a bracelet and is worn like one too.  This potential computer by Sony raises a lot of hopes as its design is very capable of supporting various apps along with other user friendly features like the holographic screen and the retractable keyboard- which combines both the qualities of a high-end PC as well as a mobile phone.  The bracelet device can be converted into a tablet with three display units and two additional keyboard panels, however, it is not ascertained whether it would also double up as a mobile device, although there is a high probability that it might.

This should be the next big thing in technology that is being brought about by the electronics giant Sony which has risen hopes of the Sony Nextep as being the next big thing in the technology market!


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