sYM (Yasir Manzoor) have been working with music for last 15 years. He have done many compositions and  He released his first album in 2001, name “Dilruba”. Musicvideo of title song Dilruba was made in Norway.

YM have also been choreographer for dancegroup “The Beats” for last 12 years and done dances like hiphop and Bollywood dancing beside this he is doing photography for last 4 years as a hobby.

During his music and dance carrier he started and completed his Medical studies and now working as a Doctor in Norway.

YM has now again started with music/ singing and coming now with his new single “Kurdiye”. Song is composed by YM him self and he is singing in Punjabi/hindi.

Now a days he is working with musicvideo of his single “Kurdiye” and for that he chose to shoot in Poland. Cooperation started with great production company “Filop Entertainment” but because of illness plane had to be changed and now video is going to be done by a experienced company “360Studios”.

Kurdiye song is a very modern club music song. Plan is to promote the song world wide that’s why YM made small sequence in the song open for cooperation with different Rap artists. For our Desi market YM is having a well established artist from Norway, who has been actively providing us alot of thrill in music branch since 1999 Mr Nad Jee. He is going to do desi Rap in song “Kurdiye”.

We are very happy to announce that in this video we are having beautiful, hot and smart Polish top model “Patrycja Pajak” as a main model.

Because of great cooperation with different artists from different countries YM already started getting media coverage from Poland and Norway.

Plan is to release video on Eid 🙂


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