PMR`s exclusive interview with Xpolymer Dar

PMR : Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field?

Xpolymer Dar:  I am a Kashmiri by cast, but family roots hail from Amritsar Punjab since long and moved to Rawalpindi since partition. I was on stage doing acting and performing arts since school and was deeply influenced my music since then. But i started to utilize my writing capabilities in Hip Hop since 2005. Since then i am on it.

PMR: Tell us about your next project and when we can expect Rap Engineers album in the market ?

Xpolymer Dar:  Next project of Rap Engineers is definitely Bin Shajar. It will be followed by bigger releases. We have had bad experiences with release dates, so i won’t be promising a Rap Engineers album dropping specifically soon. But it is a must thing to happen. As for my solo projects, i will give you an exclusive insight to whats happening. I get a lot of offers for collaborations, some are even heavily paid, but i usually have tto refuse because more than money i want the track to be dope and the other artist to be equally good or better than me. Otherwise it cuts the excitement for me. ‘Super Cold’ with Atomic Chain is a pure example of when and why i would collaborate.I am currently working with a few new cats in the game. Won’t give out much details about the tracks, but the names go as Guru Lahori (Lahore), Prophecy & Phrazes (Canada), ‘Pradhan(India) and Dj Danny’.

PMR: What’s Rap in your words?

Xpolymer Dar:  Generally, i take rap as a syllabic and rhythmic outlet to your inner self.In a more precise and local form it is a competitive art in which every other rapper has to be better than the other. That is what sells rap and that is what makes it more interesting.

PMR: You do Concerts, Chores, Job etc..How do you manage that?

Xpolymer Dar : I haven’t figured that out myself yet. I just keep doing things that keep coming my way. I am not a great planner but i go where my passion takes me.

PMR: Is there any one you want to collaborate with?

Xpolymer Dar: My silly wish list: Ali Azmat, Sajjad Ali, Timbaland, A R Rehman, Loaded Lux, Nas, Kailash Kher.

PMR: What Bands and Artists can we find in your iPod?

Xpolymer Dar: Damian Marley, Nas, Justin Timberlake, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Loaded Lux, Illmaculate, Game, Fort Minor, Kendrick Lamar, Rone, Sajjad Ali, Qayaas, Ali Azmat, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Notorious BIG, Big Pun, Big L, Kings of Leon, Maroon 5.Anything and everything progressive…

PMR: Your celebrity crush?

Xpolymer Dar: None yet. But i have deeply admired a few.

PMR: Ever thought of ditching Rap Engineers?

Xpolymer Dar: I am Rap Engineers. I can’t ditch myself, can i?

PMR: Share your funniest moment while any of your performance.

Xpolymer Dar: Everytime a Pindi boy steps on the stage and starts dancing on one of our serious tracks.

PMR: How do you interact with your fans?

Xpolymer Dar: Facebook/Twitter both [Add links]. I try responding to every fan who has a sane approach.

PMR: If you got a record deal at this second, would you accept it?

Xpolymer Dar: Yes, only if they are ready to accept the music i want to do and the way i want to do it with respectable dues.

PMR: What’s the best event you’ve played at?

Xpolymer Dar: I have lost the track of them since i haven’t been in touch with live concerts since 2012. But i remember Comsats 2012 as one of the most memorable ones.

PMR: Relationship status?

Xpolymer Dar: Engaged to the cutest piece of work by God.

PMR: Any message for your fans?

Xpolymer Dar: Be patient with us and we will keep giving you good music. And the day we stop doing that you are free to let go our label. Nonetheless we have some really big things under the belt and we shall bring that new sound out in coming tracks. Keep supporting.

PMR: Views about PMR?

Xpolymer Dar: Prestigious. Authentic. Active & a national music entity.

Interview By: USAMA SHEIKH

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