The summer issue of Ink magazine is out and it’s sizzling! The magazine has sold out at top Pakistani bookstores such as Agha’s in Karachi, within the first week of coming onto stands.

ink magazine - armeena rana khan

This issue, up and coming actress Armeena Rana Khan lights up the cover and an exclusive interview with the Canadian born actress can be read inside. The actress couldn’t contain her excitement: “Ink Quarterly magazine out now! Yours truly is on the cover!” she tweeted as soon as the magazine was out.

This issue of Ink also features special chit-chats with the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and James Franco who speak about their latest films, as well as exclusives with Meesha Shafi, athlete Chris Pfeiffer and singers Uzair Jaswal and Abbas Ali Khan.

Readers can flip through a whole section of great local and international Goings-On, an exclusive Style Manual to die for, and a round-up of Ali Zafar’s favourite brands! As always, readers will also find interesting news and reviews in this edition of Ink.

We are extremely excited about the response we have received to our magazine over the years. With each new issue we try to ensure that our regular readers’ expectations are met in terms of content and quality. The summer 2013 issue is our 15th issue to date – thank you to all our readers who go out and buy Ink every issue – you make us possible” remarks Ink’s CEO, Fariha Rashed.

Ink is available at all major bookstores across Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Pindi.

“Ink – Whatever Entertains You”

About Ink

A quarterly South Asian, print & online entertainment based publication catering to Pakistanis an people all around the world. The magazine first launched in 2008 and has been going strong ever since.

Ink sees itself as a publication that construes almost everything as being entertainment- hey, if it makes people react – its entertainment! It could be anything from media, public relations, events, people, issues, movements, to even advertising. Ink feels it a responsibility to promote the


Pakistani culture at home, cultures abroad, as well as good work South Asians in particular are doing internationally.

Ink’s Mission ~

Disjointed efforts by artists and commercial enterprises in this part of the world have resulted in sporadic bursts of mesmerizing entertainment. However, before these droplets of magic can fuse into a wave that defines the ebb and flow of our cultural identity and existence, external forces scatter them away. Indigenous talent either fizzles away due to lack of opportunities and roadblocks, or, is lured by greener pastures elsewhere, or, is corrupted by market and crass commercial forces.

Ink is not the goal in itself but a means to achieve the goal of developing a cultural movement that unifies. Come on this journey with us to discover the cultural identity of South Asia. Let us celebrate and embrace it. Let us be proud of it and share it with the world.

Why the name ‘Ink’?

~ Ink, in one form or the other, is an integral part of different phases in any and all forms of creativity. Creativity, in turn, is the essence of entertainment. The Ink team therefore, considered it appropriate to name their entertainment based magazine “Ink”.

It’s more than just a magazine; it’s a cause. If there is one unifying glue that the world as a whole can be proud of…this is where culture and entertainment comes in.

Where are the gossip, glitz and glamour you ask? Rest assured its all within Ink’s pages. The guilt of associating fun with a cause is so outdated. No need to stand in line with pickets or chant slogans in unison with your fellow activists. The magic of the silver screen, the authenticity of theatre, the rhythm and beat of music and the effervescence of the fashion world; these are the banners of change and this is what you’ll find within the pages of Ink.

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