Nescafé Basement wins the PAS Award! These are the only awards in Pakistan for advertising campaigns! Congratulations to every one who has been involved in the project. A lot of people deserve a big thanks and congrats; The Artists, Groupm ESP, Maxus & Nescafé!


Xulfi J. Khan:  “There are a few personal thanks I need to make here! Firstly, Wajeeha Badar, without you, I would not have been able to complete this project. You have been an immense support throughout. From ideas to the wardrobe to accompanying me to the jam and always telling me that this is the best music you have ever heard 🙂 And thanks for your patience when i was working day and night. You are my bestest friend 🙂 Sarwar Khan, your belief in me & Nescafe Basement at every step was an instant inspiration. Haroon Qureshi and Usman B.

Tahir your guidance made it possible for us to take this project to its completion. Mateen Saleh , thanks for saving my ass at the execution stage and ensuring I am able to work on the music with my full focus and concentration. Irfan Khan thanks for ensuring the amazing product we have gets the airtime it deserved!

Thanks Murtaza Niaz for bearing my temper and being one of the best friends i have and thanks Muhammad Arslan for giving your all in this project! Finally, A BIG Congrats to all the Artists of Nescafe Basement! Today, the content, the music won over the TVCs of big spending brands! The effort we all put as a team shone through! Great things are created when the challenge is extra-ordinary. Thankfully, through team work, we eclipsed the challenge”

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