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Farhan & JAL, Junaid & Call with Mustafa. Their names are phenomenal and so are their works but not always LOL. Yes, no ones perfect and these days they are all a bit far from perfection. Not that they’ve lost charm, they can never infact but somethings at fault, lets see what. When Jal broke up, Saad and Farhan worked for a while and wasnt too positive with Jal but this chemistry didnt click off well too, Saad then retreated back as a sessionist with Jal, now he detests Farhan and is working on his own album Shanakht. JAL with Farhan was an 8 year old band, that produced two amazing albums, Aadat and Boondh, and these brilliant boys performed innumerable concerts across the globe. What went wrong then? Ego clashes, own identity or a simple departure? or may be everyone wants to lead the band? No one really knows, Except them, but what all of us know is even after drifting apart, all three of them are working hard and it shows. With Farhan Saeed coming out with Halka Halka Suroor (Cover), Khwahishon, Chalay Thay Sath (Cover), Pi Jaun, Kyun Gayi, and more to come, Farhan is immensely gaining popularity as a solo artist across the border too. With excellent videos of his songs and scintillating concerts. Farhan has been giving everyone a run for their money. On the other hand, Goher Mumtaz, the founder of the band JAL, with his dedication, along with Shazi brought JAL to where it is today, but dont you think something is missing? Well, we all know. Goher is an amazing composer, creative mind no doubt. He made Aadat and Boondh a huge success, however the third album, Pyaas, a recent release, has not been up to the expectations of the fans. Beautiful lyrics, wonderful music and everything but the voice of JAL is missing.


With Farhan Saeed no more the voice of JAL, its been a little difficult to accommodate our ears with this change. Goher besides has also taken off as an actor, beginning with Kountry Luv, that garnered a lot of attention intitially but failed to get positive responses however Goher in the later episodes acted well. Now, with Tanhai, the new drama on charts, Goher is really going ahead to make a mark in the field of acting, though it may take a few more dramas to fully evolve as an actor, Goher is an excellent musician but has to sooner fix the flaws. Dilharri is the most awesome track in the new album of JAL followed with both versions of Tanhai, however newer versions of Kash Yeh Pal and Ik Arzu failed to make a mark, kyoonkee achhi cheez toh pehlay hi sun lee 😛 . (Listen Kash Yeh Pal Comparison Below)

Moving ahead with Call and Junaid Khan. Call has witnessed so many changes in their lineup since its inception. Zulfi raised Call to and impeccable platform in Pakistan and India with a few bollywood releases too, however the band was at its peak with its vocalist Junaid Khan. Jilawatan was the very first album that gained instant success, after a few years, Dhoom was released, not as popular as the former album, it still remained on the charts for a while. A not so popularized tiff caused Junaid Khan to part ways and establish himself as a successful actor and a not so successful solo artist.

Junaid Khan with 8 dramas has really proved himself to be a talented actor but with his 2 new singles “Keh Do” and “So Close So Distant” he’s not so been really a musician that he used to be. He really has work on his vocals, and guitars that weren’t at all impressive. Lekin kehtay hain kay waqt agay barhta hai, usi tarhan Call has moved ahead and roped in Mustafa Zahid for a few of its concerts. Its not official that Musti is in but so far they’ve been rocking it. New vocals, new lineup, Call will be a hit like it always was.

We have heard Farhan Saeed is not using any of Jal’s songs, he has made all the new songs for his solo album. Many things are in pipe line for listeners same and different tracks are on its way! stay tuned everyone!

Based on the few recent releases in their respective fields, we’ve rated them-

Farhan Saeed: 8.5/10
JAL: 6.5/10

Junaid Khan: 7/10
CALL with Mustafa Zahid: 7/10

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