Actress Humaima Malick Replaces Mehreen Syed in Abbas Hasan’s Music Video With Rishi Rich


Rishi Rich’s French star ABBAS HASAN is about to hit the sets of his music video for
his widely awaited new single, and it’s caused a press-storm before even being released!
Times of India reported in December that Abbas had selected supermodel Mehreen Syed
as his leading lady, but new reports from Abbas Hasan’s management have confirmed that
Humaima Malick will be starring opposite the heartthrob singer in his new music video!

Humaima Malick, best known as the face of major brands and for her critically acclaimed
performance in the film “Bol”, will now be setting the screen on fire opposite Rishi Rich’s
artist and protégé Abbas Hasan. Humaima who has beguiled us with her refreshing
personality and serious acting chops continues to juggle modelling and acting effectively.
Having starred in many hit dramas on top TV channels in Pakistan, she is now ready to take
to take Bollywood by storm.

Abbas says: “I’m really looking forward to work with Humaima, I think she’s incredibly
beautiful and talented. I think it will be really cool for our fans and the world to see her in a
different context and I’m sure she’ll be perfect for the role.”

The song is reportedly produced by Rishi Rich himself and his production protégé
Naamless is also said to have worked on the track. The video is already in pre-production
stages and is planned for February, so we can look forward to seeing Abbas and Humaima
sharing the screen early in the new year!

This has been an exciting year for Humaima Malik with two Bollywood films already set for
release. Not only will she be starring opposity Sunjay Dutt in Sher, she has also been signed
on in a lead role in Vidhu Cinod Chopra’s next film, Chitthiyan. She has become a regular
staple not only at awards shows, but also top media events all vying for her endorsement.

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