“Karachi reminds me so much of Mumbai and Delhi. The people over here are so friendly that not for a minute do i feel that i am in some foreign country”. These were the words of Indian superstar Juhi Chawla, who was here last week in Karachi with her brother on a personal visit to Karachi.

She stayed in Karachi for three days, during which she managed to find time to visit Tariq road and Zamzama. The people present there came to rushing to Juhi for snaps and her autograph which Juhi readily endowed. She found the people very friendly, simple and very hospitable. ” it reminded me of Beach Candy where the elite of Mumbai shop,” was Juhi’s observation about Zamzama.

Juhi visited Pakistan once before, but it was way back when she was just a little girl.
” I don’t remember how things were then, but one thing is for sure. Karachi is so much
like Mumbai and Delhi that when i get up i have to convince myself that is Pakistan
where i am staying.” Regarding as India’s number one actress, Juhi Chawla was in the city to visit her ailing grandmother who was being treated in a city hospital.

Contacting this Hindustani rani in Karachi proved to be quite task as, first of all, nobody in the city was sure whether the lady was still this side of the border, and, if so, where exactly she was residing. After some efforts it was found that she was staying in the house of local producer Satish Anand. Things then sounded simple. Contact Satish Anand and request him to arrange an interview session with Juhi Chawla.

Satish did help this scribe to have a chat with Juhi, but not only for a few minutes because of the hectic schedule that the Bollywood star had. Although Juhi was very busy yet the listened to the questions patiently and was very polite when answering them.

This Scorpion girl from the Indian state of Punjab said that she completed her studies from the convent of Jesus & mary. later she did her graduation from Sydenam College, attaining first class first position.

Asked whether she had visited Pakistan, Juhi said that it was way back when she was a just little girl. ” i don’t remember how things were then, but one thing is for sure. Karachi is so much like Mumbai and Delhi that when i get up i have to convince myself that this is Pakistan where i am staying.”

Asked what her feelings were before landing in Karachi, she said that she was not excited because the purpose of her visit was to see her ailing grandmother. ” i have not come here as a celebrity but as a normal human being who just wants to see her family.”

Questioned about her furst day in Karachi, Juhi said that she visited a hotel and had dinner there. The staff at the hotel where the film star had dinner told this scribe that the Bollywood actress was very sweet and didn’t mind when some people present there asked her for her autograph.

About her career, Juhi said that she had so far acted in more than 60 movies. her first movie was Sultanat which was released in 1986, followed by Premaloka in 1987. Qayamar Se Qayamat Tak was her real breakthrough and that was in 1988.
” Sultanat was an entry, Qayamat Se Qamamat Tak was the one that made me a big star. When i was told that i was being cast against a new actor (Amir Khan), i thought why they haven’t selected a bigger star in place of a the new guy. But when Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak became such a big hit i was astounded. Amir and i were stars overnight. Our hard work had paid off and then i wished only
Amir Khan would be cast opposite me.”

As time went by, Juhi gained more and more polularity. She also polished her acting talent, becoming the top heroine in Bollywood. The 5’5″ Juhi Chawla will be turning thirty-three this November. With more than 60 films to her credit, Juhi is in no mood to quit. She knows that these are her best years when she is the most sought after herione in the industry. ” In the film industry we work as a family, and everybody tries to help each other. I am energetic and string, and i have worked with all the major players in the film business. That makes me feel very confident,” juhi commented.

In Arjun Pundit Juhi showed her versatility. It was her best performance.
” I really enjoyed doing that role with Sunny (Deol) who has done a brilliant job. This was something totally new for me. the role was about a character who was supposed to be scared and at the same time courageous enough to take revenge from her own lover.”

Juhi’s parents remained supportive of her throughout her career. ” They are pretty cool characters. They supported me all the way. They knew what i wanted to achieve and they helped me to achieve those things. My family was always there, backing me up one hundred per cent. I was their most pampered child,”
Juhi said when she was asked if she encountered any opposition from her parents on choosing a career in the film industry.

Asked on what occasions would she lie? “when i know i won’t be caught.” And what about her desires? she says that she wants to steal the best roles in the world, win the Oscar Award and go on a blind date with Robert Redford.

When inquired about the happiest occasion of her life, Juhi said that when she won her first Film fare Award for Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, she was so happy that she just couldn’t control herself. Her Brother, Sanjeev Chawla, who is the executive producer of Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani , thinks that his sister is the best actress in this part of the World. Sanjeev told this scribe that Juhi is a perfectionist.
“All her life she made sure that things were neat and clean. In school she was the head girl and in college she received the top honors. She will always live up to her values and never compromise. For Juhi, family and friends come first.”

On his visit to Pakistan, Sanjeev said, “When we were coming here we had no idea that we will be accorded such a grand reception.”

When inquired about the popularity of pakistani artists, Sanjeev said that Pakistani Drama artists have always been appreciated in India. “Moeen Akhtar has taken that country by strom,” he said.

Source: Karachi.com

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