Artist: Kashan Admani

Song: Mein Hoon

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  1. i think all ur comment some is right some is wrong, i just want to no that if we are pleayr we can no about they filling so some time we can not say anything just try to chheer up if we love khmer, as i no in the present when they play win they can get money but when they play lose they not get money from the sponser or Management, so yyy they need to do lose (and i heart Mr. rithy when play finish he have problem with his muscle nearly die and Mr. tiny have problem with his leg if u don’t believe can ask sabay or pleayr direct have this problem or not and if they need to lose yyyy they try like this for what, ( I hope i can see all comment is good for pleayr but if u don’t like them stop comment is good for u and pleayr ) 0

  2. Anyway, a huge chunk of what is owed is owed to us, in the form of SS, no?I love how the left has two sets of standards – one for the government, and one for the private sector. If a private investment firm had squandered the life savings of every American the way that the government has, the left would demand public executions. But if the people's savings are blown on dubious extra-constitutional socialist bullshit, hey, no problem.

  3. Most Italian Americans are quite proud of the fact that our grandparents came here in large numbers, were generally despised by the Anglos and the Irish ( especially the Irish ), and pulled themselves up the ladder before anything like welfare even existed. Sounds almost exactly the same as the experience of the Irish, the Jews, the Poles, the Greeks, etc.


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