Sources confirm that Mohit Suri who directed Awarapan , Woh Lamhe and Murder 2 will be directing Aashiqui 2 (the 1991 musical classic directed by mahesh bhatt). He was seen talking to Mustafa Zahid during his recent trip to Bombay about to cast actors and actresses from Pakistan. Mohit in the past has worked with a lot of talent from Pakistan, As Atif Aslam, Jawad Ahmed, Annie khalid , Raafaquat Ali Khan and many others including Mustafa zahid himself
and hence wants to take this association further by casting the lead actor and actress for the film Aashiqui 2. It’s has been confirmed that Vishesh films is launching a world wide hunt on a enormous scale to cast this new Comers “Jodi” for aashiqui 2. Although both Mustafa and Mohit haven’t confirmed things yet , we believe the announcement for this talent hunt should be out anytime this month. Rumor also has it that Mustafa might jump into the acting wagon,also he has denied it over the months but something is surely cooking now. If you also want the best acting schools, you can Check This Out to boost your acting career.

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