Artists: Momina Mustehsan with Usman Bin Sohail (from Moen Jo Daro)

Song: Sajna

Album: Junoon’s 20th Anniversary

The song has been removed on the request of EMI Pakistan.

All the instruments (live & sequenced) were done by Usman, arranged by Usman and Momina, mixed by Usman and Xulfi, and mastered by Xulfi.

Salman Ahmad is more than impressed by Momina’s version of this song. He was full of praise for her in an email:

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a very talented 19 year old Pakistani singer. Momina is a student of mine and has chosen to interpret Sajna (Junoon/Parvaaz) with a very Junooni-Goth-rock version.

In addition to studying bio medical engineering and business at Stony Brook college, Momina’s also learning classical singing along with her passion for Rock guitar. Move over Lacuna Coil & Rihanna here comes Momina!”

Sajna is a part of Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album which will be launched by SSGWI/EMI on December 21st at Marriott in Karachi. All proceeds from the album will go to charity. All the artists have generously donated their talent for this SSGWI project to help raise awareness & rehabilitate Pakistan flood victims.

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