One of the most prominent music champions is back in the game with yet another outstanding music masterpiece that has dwindled critics into barely a murmur. With ‘Jee Chahey’ about to hit centre stage and take the crown, Faakhir claims that with this album, he would be able to touch the heart of millions around us. This album holds a special place for Faakhir, since the recent times show the youth coiled around with all forms of miseries and adversity. Thus, it is with the purpose of boosting the morale of depressed and demeaned individuals in the society that ‘Jee Chahey’ is being launched. Hopes are high that all efforts put in by Faakhir pay off B.I.G.

The album signing for Faakhir Mehmood’s brand new album “JEE CHAHEY” will be held at Park Tower, Clifton Karachi from 8:00 to 9:00pm on 5th November.

Faakhir will be performing few new songs and signing autographs for his fans. Discounted CDs of his latest album will be available at the signing for his fans.All Fans are invited.

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