Artdeco, a globally dominating personal care brand (cosmetics and skincare) announces the launch of the skincare line “now in Pakistan” after the success of color cosmetics.

Being the top German brand, Artdeco holds the prestige of being the market leader of Germany and other neighboring countries behind a simple secret i.e. its constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all women, combined with uncompromising quality and reasonable pricing.

After the tremendous success of Artdeco Color Cosmetics and the consumer response to its un – paralleled quality, Artdeco proudly offers its unique Skin Care line, a line that has products customized for Pakistan’s environmental needs, Pakistani skin types and tones.

“Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets for personal care and the reason for Artdeco’s success in the region has been increasingly aware consumers. They demand good personal care, and we provide it to them!” – Hassan Sheikh, GM

Artdeco Skin Care offers products beyond the normal range prevalent in the market, introducing revolutionary products designed for the 21st century woman such as “All – in – one Manicure” to get manicure in a minute – save time, save money and save the effort to get a manicure at home whenever you want, “Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15” a product that gives you a moisturizer, perfect make – up base according to your skin tone and a sun protection, all in one revolutionary product. People can check out face masks rehydrating your face, if you need the most radiating face.

Artdeco values its customers growing health and beauty concerns and matches the pace to innovate more and more revolutionary products.

“Once an Artdeco user, always an Artdeco user – this is inherently because of our premium quality and customer driven innovation. We ensure our customers get what they demand!” – Junaid Fazal, ABM

The Artdeco Skin Care line is being launched nation – wide covering Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The products are available at all leading stores with their Beauty Advisors to assist your skin concerns.

Be the first to try the unique skin care experience with Artdeco now available in Pakistan at your nearest leading store.

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