LOS ANGELES, CA (October 17) – Songstress Jasmine Sandlas is set to release her new single “Mang Ke,” but before she does, she shares a video teaser with media and will then perform her new song for fans before its official release.
“I’ve always been the go-getter type. I have been doing music for a decade now; it came in the forms of singing on stages, collaborating with different teams, and even recording music with different companies. This single, ‘Mang Ke,’ signifies Jasmine Sandlas [In control]. From here on out, I will design my music career myself, this is why I call ‘Mang Ke’ my first single. In the past, it’s been fun and games and now this is work. This is real life.” Jasmine Sandlas
Jasmine is working alongside Bohemia and he is excited for the world to hear her new album in December. “The reason I chose to work with Jasmine is because she felt like the perfect female singer to produce for,” Bohemia states. “Her raw style of singing Punjabi songs with such ease is something I am a fan of. She not only pushes the boundaries of Punjabi music, she forgets that those boundaries ever existed. If I was gonna work with any female singer, it had to be Jasmine Sandlas. She is the most hard working girl I know. She has a good head on her shoulders and big plans for her future.” Jasmine will debut “Mang Ke” at Torch Lounge in Buena Park on October 21.

Jasmine Sandlas Biography:
Jasmine Sandlas is a singer, songwriter, and entertainer based out of California. Born in Jalandhar Punjab, she plans to be a forerunner in the world of Punjabi music. With a blend of elegant Punjabi lyrics and urban California swagger, Jasmine plans to revive Punjabi music one song at a time. Taking inspirations from folk singers like Surinder Kaur to the pop sensations like Alisha, Jasmine embodies a pop singer who is proud of her ethnic roots. “I want to help redefine the path of popular music for a new generation”.
At 6 years old, Jasmine was exposed to the stage for the first time. Introduced to the world of music by her mother, she was encouraged at an early age to pursue music. “My music teacher used to pull me out of my academic classes to practice for singing competitions. Everyone can read a book and pass tests,” he said, “but you’re gonna do something bigger.” By age 10, Jasmine was performing at national singing competitions in India. “As a little girl, when I started winning trophies, I started to believe it too.”
Jasmine’s life changed in 2001 when her family moved to California. Suddenly, she found herself at the hub of the music world. The west coast hip-hop scene welcomed Jasmine. In her early teens, she started to indulge in every music related activity that she could find. Performing cover songs sung by her favorite singers, her passion for the stage was confirmed. She started to write her own songs. “I’ve always been the persistent type. If I want something bad enough, I chase it. Little did she know, this chase would be years long.” From spending all her money to record demos to sending vocals to producers, she did everything in her reach to get noticed. “I remember at 20, handing out homemade demos of my music outside nightclubs. The bouncers wouldn’t let me in because I was underage. So I waited until people left the club so I can hand them my demo. I wished that my demo would end up in great hands.”
After a decade of chasing this dream, it is now 2011. After the exhausting journey of working with various teams over the years, Jasmine has decided to take her music career into her own hands. “After this emotional rollercoaster and a dozen road blocks, many people would have given up their dream. But, I’ve come too far to quit now!” As an independent artist, she wants to make a place for herself in this male dominated music industry. Jasmine wants to inject the Desi music scene with her fresh and young sound. “As a little girl, I dreamed of singing on stage. As I grew older, I dreamed about a successful music career. Now it’s time to wake up and make my dreams come true.”
Jasmine Sandlas is set to launch her first single “Mang Ke” from her upcoming solo album. The music is produced by Bohemia. The song was written by Lalie Gill who also wrote “Muskan” for Jasmine. Hollywood video director Tha Razor, who is known for his work with multiplatinum recording artists like Chris Brown, has shot “Mang Ke.” The music video to “Mang Ke” was recently shot in Malibu beach and Mohave Desert.
Every song for this album was specifically picked by Jasmine from a wide range of topics. “I want to sing about things that I have felt and experienced in my life.” With songs about passion, lust, and revenge, Jasmine’s upcoming album will empower females all over the world and give the party animals dance-friendly up-tempo songs too. “My album will be passionate, fearless, and provocative.” The Jasmine Sandlas album is due to drop in December 2011. Stay tuned.

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