” PTI will ensure that justice is available to all without discrimination,” PTI chief Imran Khan.
Nawaz Sharif, your turn to loot Pakistan will not come: Imran Khan
FAISALABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan alleged that two major parties have made an agreement that only they will rule Pakistan turn by turn. However, he said it is now the turn of this country’s youth to rule Pakistan.
The PTI chairman said this while addressing a gathering in Faisalabad. According to him, the PPP and PML-N made an agreement under the 18th Amendment because Nawaz Sharif wanted a third term in office.
“He hasn’t had enough,” Khan said.
Khan declared that the two parties take turns “looting the nation” before handing the government over to the other party.
He addressed Nawaz Sharif saying, “Your turn will not come. It is now the turn of Pakistan’s youth.”
In an earlier statement, Khan said that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari could never be trusted to keep a check on each other. Corrupt politicians, he said, would strike a deal to get out. Both of the two ferry off the bulk of their ill-gotten wealth just so they can avoid paying taxes.
Source : tribune.com.pk

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  1. Just as the ‘jaloos’ is not likely to fully serve the Mians, so is the case of the ‘jalsa’ for Imran. The numbers attending will be exaggerated; news photographers will be covering from angles that show a full house and the kanaat (tent) arrangements will block empty spaces. The jalsa arrangers know the techniques perfectly. Just as the Mians will not succeed in dethroning the President Zardari, the PTI will not ensure an election victory for itself. A big jalsa is no guarantee of election success. This is so simply because people gather from different areas, with different motives and they do not constitute voters of any particular constituency. Getting voters to come to the polling booth and actually vote for you is another game. So the jaloos and jalsa may provide some fun, even a show of strength, but none of these are likely to herald the hope that the nation needs. Or provide the change or the leadership the country needs.


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