Sosheel Samuel (Vocals)
Jonathan Jones (Guitars/Production)

Directed /DOP/Editing : Omer Bari

In mid April 2011 Sosheel Samuel and J. Jones had a meeting about which Genre of music they collaborate in. After alot of thinking they decided to write Gospel Music and take it to a different level apart from the local Gospel musicians currently writing music in the country. Sosheel Samuel had some ideas for songs he wanted to re write in our own way as the old versions of those songs were master pieces, and by re-creating those songs in the modern manner to attract the christian youth towards the Gospel Music. The idea also hit J. Jones and soon they started working together on their first track “Dua” which was composed by Sosheel Samuel’s Father Samuel Gill a renowned Music Composer of Gospel Music in all of Pakistan. This track “Dua” was recorded in Ustaad Mehdi Hassan’s voice over a decade ago and it was quite a popular Gospel track among that time. In this project Sosheel Samuel and J. Jones work side by side. The arrangement of the songs are done by both Sosheel Samuel and J. Jones. J. Jones has the full responsibility of the audio production area and works day and night to make a production which is different and stands out from the productions of the respective genre. Sosheel Samuel and J. Jones are working on the whole album re-creating one of the classic tracks and will also be introducing their own originals in the album.

Jonathan Jones (J. Jones)
Since childhood J. Jones ( Jonathan Jones ) was into music alot. J. Jones started playing tabla at beginners level at the age of 3. J. Jones performed at Saint Mary’s Academey Lalazar for the first time when he was 4 years old at the annual prize distribution ceremony. As years pass by J.Jones got into tabla practice more and more and again in his 3rd grade he got a chance to play at the Saint Mary’s Academey annual parents day and got motivated more towards music after the appreciation of thousands of audience. Then J. Jones joined the Saint Joseph Cathedral choir as one of the tabla players from where he got more hold of the instrument by listening to the other experience tabla players of the choir and also by substituting them during their absence. J. Jones played in the church choir for almost 5 years and then decided to learn another instrument for more musical knowledge. In 8th grade J. Jones got his guitar repaired which he got from someone a couple of years back. As internet wasn’t that common back then J. Jones learnt the guitar on his own by observing other fellow guitarists. After 2,3 years of struggle J. Jones was offered being a guitarist of one of the cover band which played at the marriott hotel islamabad. J. Jones played with that band for almost 4 years and quit in 2007. J. Jones also had his own progressive metal band (NAFS) and later on also became the lead guitarist of thrash metal band (Venom Vault). As these bands had their originals written but there was no such cheap studio which could produce a metal sound so J.Jones decided to learn production. By that time internet was common and there were alot of information on audio production on the internet so J.Jones did alot of research and practical work on producing a song. J. Jones started off by working on a normal sound card and got pretty good results by producing through it which motivated him to invest in a proper setup. J. Jones imported some equipment and started working on the fellow metal bands album and got pretty good results and then started getting commercial music projects and again with his full dedication and love for music J.Jones was able to produce songs on a high level. In 2009 after some internet searching J.Jones found out some music college of London which offers online audio production course. J.Jones applied for this course and took that course for a year and achieved 2nd highest grades in the audio production course. These days J. Jones is working on many different projects from Gospel music to Metal music and in early 2012 will be leaving for Australia for a music degree.

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