‘National Robo League 2011’ is a National level robotics competition that depicts the commitment of FAST-NUCES in the field of Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This competition is based on the collaboration with the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay in their initiative of hosting, the Asia’s largest Science and Technological Festival since 1998 by the name of Techfest.

The event, ‘National Robo League 2011’ has a purpose that is based on Indo-Pak Harmony. It aims to promote a sense of fraternity between the two countries through the young generation by endorsing technological exchanges. To strengthen the purpose, the Winners of ‘National Robo League 2011’ would be enrolled to participate in the International round of ‘Techfest 2012’.

‘National Robo League 2011’ is going to follow the theme of ‘Engraving Revolutionary Robotics’ that is aimed towards the initiative concerning the growth of Robotics in Pakistan. It is the need of time that such a medium should be provided to our students so that they come in par with the international students and take benefit from such opportunities to show their enthusiasm, passion, skills and brilliance in their work.

The event ‘National Robo League 2011’ would host two competitions that are:

1. Indigenous Robot’s Pursuit to Line Following:

∝ Construction
A self-autonomous, line following robot has to be designed.

∝ Motive
The robot following the white lines on the Arena in the shortest possible time
will be the winner of the competition.

2. Bang-It-On

∝ Construction
A wireless, remote controlled robot has to be designed.

∝ Motive

Two robots at a time will fight against each other. The robot that makes it to the
Grand Finale and wins it would be declared the winner of this competition.

Registrations Opened! www.roboleague.com

For any queries, email us at info@roboleague.com
or call us at 0323-4114592 [Mustafa Shafi-Competitions Head]

Our postal address is:
“National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, St.4, Sector 17-D, Shah Latif Town (on National Highway), Karachi, Pakistan.”


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