Artist: PMR Various Artist
Song: Rakh Lo Bharam

A PMR Studios Presentation



Sami Khan (Lagan)
Miki (Akash)
Rizwan Anwar
Zeeshan Pervaiz
Arslan Asif
Raah The Band

Vocals by Waqar(Raah), Fahad(Aks), Adnan(Soch), Rizoo, Zeeshan, Arslan, Miki(Akash), Sami(Lagan)
Guitars by Frodo (Fawad Zaidi)
Composed by Adnan Dhool, Rizoo & Sami Khan
Lyrics by Rizoo, Adnan Dhool, Murzie & Sami Khan

Arranged & Produced by Sami Khan @ Saad Ul Hassan`s Studio (Lagan)
Mixed & Mastered by Xulfi at Xth Harmonic

Video Produced by PMR Studios
DP : Raja
Makup & Styling : Vasu
Video Directed by Murzie
Post PMR Studios


Hatt Yaara Chaad Yaara
Yeh Saari Duniya Teri
Aj Hass Lay Thora Nach Lay
Rub De Hath Kismat Teri

Hatt Yaara Chaad Yaara
Yeh Saari Duniya Teri
Aj Hass Lay Thora Nach Lay
Rub De Hath Kismat Teri

Yeh Hai Teri Zameen Tera Aasmaan
Bund Aankhoon Ko Ab Tu Khol
Kuch Dil Ki Sunn Kuch Sapnay Bunn
Mere Sung Mil Ke Tu Bol

Hatt Yaara Chaad Yaara
Yeh Saari Duniya Teri
Aj Hass Lay Thora Nach Lay
Rub De Hath Kismat Teri

Humien Thakna Nahien Na Rukna Khaien
Hai Thori Si Mushkil Magar
Main Sab Se Kahoon Hai Iss Main Sakoon
Saath Rahien Hum Agar

Joshela Hai Khoon Dil Junoon
Harien Na Hum Har Kar
Khwaboon Ki Zameen Hai Kitni Haseen
Mitnay Ka Kis Ko Hai Darr

Aao Milke Isay Sanwarian Yeh Dharti Humain Pukaray
Rakh Lo Bharam, Barhao Qadam
Aao Milke Isay Sanwarian Yeh Dharti Humain Pukaray
Rakh Lo Bharam, Barhao Qadam

Hatt Yaara Chaad Yaara
Yeh Saari Duniya Teri
Aj Hass Lay Thora Nach Lay
Rub De Hath Kismat Teri

Bujhnay Na Paaye Diya Bas Khayal Itna Rakhna Hai
Chahat Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ke Yeh Ghar Aakhir Apna Hai

Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan

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  1. Great song… simply an awesome idea………..
    The song rocks….

    The the comments above..
    “Try appreciating people instead of discouraging them..”

    These guyz did a great job while others were busy creating commercial stuff…

  2. Hey Nice work Guys. Hats down for Murzie. Bro it could be a bit more better from AUDIO side. Adnan and Rizoo k vocals achay aey hain.. Sami did a good job. Mikki did great, wasnt expecting that.. Any ways good job overall :D… Rakh lo bharam or easy ho jaoo 😀

  3. man.’
    startin of songs is rip of AGAEY HI AGAEY BY KARVAN AND no voice is synced with another voice.though vdo is good

  4. well guys u ve done a great job and i think its completely a youth based song. main heran hoon log isay bhi pasand nahi ker rahay kuch comments dekh ker dukh huwa . and i think ye sab new boys hainor effort nazar a rahi hai per phir bhi kuch logoun ko hazam nahi ho rahi. or jo ye band shand se hain what ever he is bro ap ne khud kia kiya hai abhi tak? ap baat ker rahay hain inhoun ne to phir kuch ker lia hai btain kerna asan hota hai vocals ki baat kerte hain to i think ap se to kamz kam behter hi hain sab k. dont mind am really loving it RAKH LO BHARAM!!!!! u guys rock immature logoun k comments per tawajh mat dain \ /

  5. @ faisal yeh gana agay hi agay say nahee milta yeh gana milta hai karvaan k hi song say , jab chahun ga tujhay pa loon ga mein tou dil ki pyas bhuja loon ga and audio is not properly mixed cant hear the drums
    and video is out of sync in most of the cases

  6. Thumps up to all the singers , they’ve done a pretty good job RAKH LO BHARAM. Only the video could have been more better, other than showing the singers in the whole video there could have been other scenes showing patriotic symbols. I loved the song 10/10 for that 🙂

  7. Awesum Song…………Cant Explain Very very gud…………The Guy n Yellow n also the guy with glasses are lookin good n hav gr8 vocals lov u both

  8. Well I am shocked people not appreciating such a brilliant effort…. I would say we should appreciate even if it is a single step for something good…

    “Aao Mil Ker Isay Sanwareen – Yeh Dharti Humaeen Pukaaray” People please think about this line and learn something from it instead of posting comments about video and audio…Everyone knows the standard of audio and video…but it does not matter… what matters is the sincere effort of these young men for the youth and Pakistan…


    Thumbs Up….

    Wish you all best of luck…..

  9. yar its 2 Stars out of 5,,bus tekh h ha,,,some guyz like Sami Khan and Zeeshan Pervaiz’s vocies were gud,,baqi farig kaam ha,,video b bus asia h camera h gumaya ha,,,,,

  10. Akif u are so wrong……Not only sami n zeeshan voices are good……..the other guys Like Rizzooo n waqar-raah band….Adnan-soch band has better voices than sami n zeeshan n check raah,soch n rizzo own songs from apni isp n search own google u can jugde easily

  11. 😐 … no commentz :S ……. .6-7 guyz n aaaaaaaaa wasted song … start was good but it was again copy of sum oder song … nywayz …….. wat kan i say ….. :S … do watever u guyz wana do 🙂

  12. Wow!!!!!!


    Gr8 Work Really Gr8 Work,

    One More Best Patriotic Song,

    I luv when you say “DIL DIL PAKISTAN” in middle,

    Nice Song!

  13. very good song….and the concept behind the lyrics is very well thought….due to which the lyrics are written very nicely—– voclas are good…and so is the music…some minor mistakes..but yaar koi perfect nehi hota…inhon ney who kiya hey jo bohat artists ker nehi saktey….and one thing missing in our music secene was colaboration..which has been shown in this song…and done for a very good cause….
    anyways…wish i could be a part of it…
    hats off for murize bhai for a good effort on the vedio..mayb it could be done a lil better if u guys had more time…
    anyways very good job every1….

  14. amazing song,great vocals
    murzie did a great job
    video is superb
    overall i rate audio 9/10
    and video 9/10 aswell
    pakistan zindabad
    and yeh lol rakh lo bharam 😀

  15. allaa yaar Pakistan Zindabaad plz guys note out the msg of the Song Rakh lo bharam (means Rakh lo Izat)

    we are the Strong youth and we should proud to be a pakistani…i love this song because of the Strong music over all collabrations that we can see in the video of those guys ( Andhay nahi ho tum loog )..and love the Lyrics khas ker end wala part Dil ko touch kerta ha

    Bhujnay na pae Diya bas khayal itna rakhna ha
    Chahat kabhi come na ho kay yeh gher aakhir apna ha

    so that means


  16. Yeah Ashaar my bro u are 100% ………………..hats off for murzie bhai n all ma friends in dis song wid me…….rizzoo..miki….sami…zeeshan…..fahad….arsalan…adnan ……………gr8 effort brothers………………….n overall the response of our this effort is very Good

  17. why the hell do you delete bad comments and keep the good comments. thats hypocrisy. be open to publics opinion if have PAANI.

  18. tum apne aap ko kya samujhte ho 1 song acha gaa kar ahsan kya hai humare sar par tum kuch nahi jal band ke aage sona sami khan band banana aata nahi banane chalyho.

  19. sharukhan is black monkey ye sala 1 number ka begerat hai is ki maa ki to main kuta kamina olow ka haramzada kanger apne aap ko pata nahi kya samujhta hai gali ka kuta nokar .

  20. A great effort by all the guys….. Building up the confident that WE AS PAKISTANIS ARE THE BEST!!!
    Hope to see same sort of effort in future by Murzie Bro & the young lot of guys 😀

  21. bad song. dislikes.
    bas kar du bhai. har saal iss song ko bar bar repost karte rehte ho. aglai das saal bhi karte rahai tab bhi yeh gana recognize nai ho ga. bcoz its a bad song. maan lu iss baat ko.
    effort is appreciated


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