Strings busy with their world tours took time and talk about their future plan with the popular news paper. According to their interview they disclose their songs release plans. Maqsood told that they will record some new songs and put them online. By the end of one year, they want to have eight to 10 new songs. While some of these songs may end up as music videos, the rest will be just audio files to be downloaded. At the moment, they are laying down tracks for the first two songs – “Tum Hi To Ho” and “Goli Maray”.
“Goli Maray” is a fun song. Its genre can’t be defined.“Tum Hi To ho” is a soft rock type of a song which is very String-ish.

Faisal Kapadia also disclosed that “We got a call from MTV India. They are calling us for “MTV India Unplugged” sessions. We are preparing for that”.

Source: Express Tribune

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