Etiqad Coming up with their Debut song ZAKHAM

Here is a glimpse of their music video

Directed & Edited By : Shan Azmat
Produced by : Nabeel Khalid
Audio and Video Production: SN Productions

Jawad Khan : Vocals / Keyboards
Adnan Shah : Composition / Lyrics / Guitars
Nabeel Khalid : Arrangements / Compositions / Production

We would like to Thank :

Ustad Sultan Fateh Ali Khan (Assistance)
Abbas Ali Khan (Support)
Waqar Zaka (The Muzik)
Tauseeq Haider (FM 89.6)
Faisal Shahzad (FM 89.6)
Zia ul Haq (ATV)
Atif Shaikh (Props)
Jonathan Nawaz (JS Productions)
Babar (Depilex)
Faraz Ashraf (Props)
Bryan Miguel (Stunts)
Farrukh Azmat (Assistance)
Fizza Shah
Laila Malick
Sajjad Gull
Absa Nazeer
Parisa Haroon
Roma Farooq
Nimrah Haroon
Shumaila Lodhi
Ujala Javed
Suzanne Shaikh
Amtul Saba
Laraib Adnan
Wali Muhammad
Mariam Khan

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