Ali Moeen Nawazish has joined the Geo/Jang Group as Youth Ambassador. Ali secured a record 23 As in his ‘A’ Levels and did the whole nation proud with this unprecedented feat not too long ago. Since then, Ali has graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Politics and International Relations and a minor in Computer Science and Psychology.

Ali will be hosting shows and will also be writing for the News and Jang from a youth perspective. Imran Aslam, President and Spokesperson for Geo said, “We all want the youth to have a larger voice in our group. We are confident Ali would be ideally suited for this position to serve as a bridge between the group and the youth of our country.”

Ali added, “Geo and Jang Group have been trying to build bridges across key segments of society and have taken up important causes that I can relate to. I hope to be able to add to that role from a youth perspective and help increase the youth’s role in media in general.” You can get in touch with Ali at,

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