The target killing situation in Karachi is getting worse day by day! This is not a good situation for one of the most important city of Pakistan. Apart from normal people, even celebrities have been affected due to target killing. Recent victim is Nouman Javaid.

Nouman Javaid is here in my hometown Karachi these days. Today he was going in vehicle of Ary Digital for visiting Ary studios as he was the guest at the Morning show for Saturday. On his way, some armed gunmen entered in his car on the force of armed weapons and kidnapped him.. They told Nouman javaid and other people that they are going to soon be victim of target killings. This statement of kidnappers created a scare within all the people in the car as this might be their last moment in this world. One of them told the gangsters that they belong to media and they better watch out from them. This made kidnappers to check the cameras and cellphones to make sure that there is no video/audio recording going on in the car. Nouman javaid told those kidnappers that he is a celebrity/singer and they should respect him. Luckily, one of them recognized Nouman javaid and because of that, the kidnappers left the car. Their purpose was target killing only because they returned the camera’s and cellphones to their respective owners.

This example shows that No one is saved and this is a very alarming situation for the city of lights, Karachi. Government needs to get serious about this issue and toke some visible steps for target killing prevention and the protection of citizens.

Special thanks to all kinds of media, Nouman javaid was recognized by those gangsters and they released him. Nouman, we are so glad that talent and one of the proud of Pakistan like you are safe and quite well. We wish you success in your upcoming projects and safety of your life.

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