Meesha Shafi? Yeah! You heard it right, Miss. Jugni Ji, who is just not remembered for her mesmerizing Coke Studio performance but also as a fashion icon is here with PMR to answer a line of questions, that will help us all in knowing her better. 😉

PMR: When did you get into singing?
I’ve been singing in front of mirrors and make belief crowds since I was a little girl. But I performed in front of my first live audience in college (NCA).

PMR: Did you take any singing training? If yes, where did you take it from?
: I tried vocal training a number of times, always eastern classical, but never kept it up consistently. What really paid off were the hours of singing along to greats like Robin S, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and more recently Fiona Apple, Alicia Keys to name a few. Big, powerful voices inspire and impress me. I don’t like weak, whispery vocals.

PMR: What role do you think Coke Studio has played in your career? Do you think that it helped you get more fame?
Absolutely! Where Coke Studio has taken me is undeniable. The fact that both the songs I did have broken records and given me worldwide fans and recognition is fantastic. Not only did Jugni bring me great success with the masses, Chori Chori earned a lot of critical acclaim. Most artists don’t get to enjoy both in one lifetime. I am truly blessed and Coke Studio had a big hand in my popularity.

PMR: How did you feel after covering a song of legendary singer Reshma?
I mentally prepared myself for criticism and comparisons. It is a daunting task to cover a living legend’s song. At the same time, I was looking forward to reminding people of a hauntingly beautiful song that they seem to have forgotten. Especially my younger audience that is not so familiar with Reshma. I got an extremely positive response, much beyond my expectations.

PMR: Being a model, are you very diet conscious?
Not at all. Even though I don’t think people believe me when I say this, but I’ve never thought of how much I should eat. I love food, specially parathas and ‘ghar ka khana’.

PMR: If you had to choose between modeling and singing, what would you choose?
Singing. You can’t model for long but you can sing forever.

PMR: Where do you see your career headed now that you’re a mother?
Forward. I don’t see why people assume that motherhood means the end of your life. I am taking it in my stride. Besides, I’m a master multi-tasker. Much like my own mother.

PMR: Who is your favorite Pakistani female artist?

PMR: What is the one thing that you can’t spend your day without?
My baby. I’m not used to leaving her with someone else yet. I start missing her instantly.

PMR: Would you like to sing for Bollywood if you get a chance to?
I have gotten numerous chances already. I will not jump at the opportunity just because it’s Bollywood. If it’s a project that sounds good to me and appeals to my taste, why not? But not just for the sake of it.

PMR: If I was to turn on your Ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?
Ali Azmat.
Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali.
Florence and the Machine.

PMR: Where do you see yourself after 10 years?
Writing songs and singing. Basically, performing! Whether it’s on screen, or on stage.

PMR: What do you usually do when you’re in a bad mood?
Meet my best friend Sara. She’s my pillar of unconditional support. And then we talk, talk, talk, talk and eat, eat, eat. Makes everything better.

PMR: Any message for the fans?
You guys are the best. Keep the encouragement and the support coming. Can’t wait to share some new music with you.

PMR: What are your remarks on PMR?
It’s a very successful site. Up to date, informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work. You guys are rocking it!!!

Interviewed by: Sadaf Nazir

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