Taimur Tajik released the official video of his song “Somebody’s Son” on YouTube on June 8. The song which is written in the memory of his late mother is part of his debut album, Vice Versa.
“‘Somebody’s Son’ is about loss. To remember, no matter what I do and no matter where I am, I will always be that somebody’s son, and that somebody was very special to me. In my next life, I believe that I will be united with her,” said the musician.
The video was directed by Mazhar Raza and shows snippets of Tajik’s childhood with his mother. “If you see the footage, which is from 1985, you see her running around the garden, and I am still trying desperately to hold on to that feeling, when she was fun, well and healthy,” said Tajik.
Tajik has vivid memories about his mother’s days of illness and the eight years that she spent fighting cancer, till she took her last breath in January 2009. The video portrays the relationship between mother and son, “I couldn’t stop crying when I first saw the video; it was very difficult to look at it. My family gets very emotional when they watch this video,” said Tajik.
Raza said, “It’s a very emotional song, my personal opinion is that anyone viewing the video will get emotionally attached to it as well. It doesn’t matter if they have lost their mother or not, they will surely feel the pain.”
Tajik adds: “The video itself hurts and heals me at the same time. I get to see my mom when she was better, and now I am able to complete one chapter in my life by this tribute and I am sure she loves it as well.”

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