Artist: Omer Bari
Song: Tu Aaja

Composition, Lyrics & Vocals : Omer Bari
Audio Production : Jonathan Jones

Fanpage :

Omer Bari, launching his music career with the stunning composition “Talaash” ( ), now comes with another mesmerizing single, “Tu Ajaa” another testament to his outstanding qualities of a composer, lyricist and vocalist.

Talaash captured audiences with it’s sheer beauty and raw power in both the vocals and the composition. After the launch, Omer Bari was then associated with one of the few musicians who delivered flawless compositions. He diversified into creating outstanding music videos for various projects and has been awarded prizes for the awe inspiring productions as well. Further more he prevailed in photography,
capturing master pieces and exhibiting unique ideas through his pictures.

Now with Tu Ajaa, he once again has proven that he excels at anything he puts his mind to. In the world where music is becoming louder and senseless, he delivers something of poetic beauty.


Meri Dunya, Hai Bassi ,Tujh Hi Mein Kaheen

Tere Bin Mein , Kiya Hon, Meri Jaana Kuch Bhi Nahi

Tere Bina Meri Zindagi Adhoori
Tere Bina Meri Sansain Na hon Poori

Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja

Teri Yaadein ,Woh Baatein, Is dil Mein ,thameen
Aik Pal Bhi, Mein Tujhko, Bhula Hi ,Naheen

Tere Bina Meri Zindagi Adhoori
Tere Bina Meri Sansain Na hon Poori

Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja

Is Dil Ka, Tu hai Sahaara, Tere Bina Ab Kiya hai Humara
Tujhe Paaon, Hur Jaga Mein, jaise Chamkay, Hur Aik Sitaara

Meri Jaan, Yeh Dooriyan Mitta Do |
Meri Jaan , Yeh Raahain Tum Milaa Do

Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja
Tu Aaja

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