At 11:20 a.m. PT Wednesday, a total, 100-minute-long lunar eclipse will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

If you’re not from those parts, Google and Slooh have prepared a myriad of options that let you enjoy the lunar eclipse from the relative safety of your couch.

Perhaps the simplest way to watch the lunar eclipse is to tune into the live streaming video on Google’s official YouTube channel.

You can also follow the event on Slooh’s mission interface, together with narration from astronomers, or you can watch it from the Sky layer in Google Earth by downloading this .kml file. Finally, you can see images from the eclipse on your Android phone by downloading the Slooh Space Camera Android app.

The picture, says Google, updates every two minutes. You’ll have to refresh the page on your browser (press F5 if you have a Windows computer; Command-R on an Apple) to see the new images. They’ll change slowly over the five hours the eclipse lasts. If the eclipse is well along by the time you tune in, try the slider that’s part of the Google Doodle. You’ll find you can play the images back and forth as a time-lapse movie, watching Earth’s shadow move across the moon’s face.

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