The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and whilst the wedding dress designer is still a secret so too are discussions of a prenuptial agreement.

The divorce lawyers and lawyers for estate planning that dealt with Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce have been urging Prince William to take statistics into account by warning that not all fairy tales have a happy ending. When the Princess of Sweden recently married her beau she too signed a prenuptial agreement so that her own income and inheritance would be safe should they divorce.

Yes it’s one way to take the romance right out of it but when you have a massive fortune to protect is it wrong? Kate Middleton is marrying into a family where divorce is no stranger like how a divorce law firm in Nashville stated. Her father-in-law-to-be is divorced as are two of his three siblings. Although statistics show there there has recently been a slight decline in people filing for a divorce in Worcester and overall divorce rates in the UK, who’s to say that that isn’t due to more people opting out of marriage and into co-habiting instead?

Kate has been dubbed Waity Kate by the British press and she does have a constant smug look on her face. Perhaps that is more to do with the title she will inherit rather than the fortunes.

Some say Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a better chance at marriage than Prince Charles and Princess Diana (she’s still our Princess) due to their similar education level which was not the case for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. However, it’s doubtful their differing intellect was a reason or the main reason for their divorce. Prince Charles did have an affair and he didn’t seem particularly in love with his first wife during their engagement.

Whilst Prince William and his fiancé look more like a ‘couple’ they too will suffer the pressures of royal life. Time apart and the inability to just be a normal couple. Kate Middleton may have graduated from the same university as her man but she hasn’t put much of her education to any use since, nor will she be if she is to spend her time making royal appearances for charities. What could become quite boring in a relationship between two intellectuals is the lack of ambition which can quite easily result from this type of lifestyle. One can see how royal couples can drift apart and how the romance can fizzle out.

Who knows! Maybe Prince William felt obliged to marry Waity Katie and maybe he just wanted some children to succeed him on the throne, OR perhaps he is madly in love with her and they will work hard to keep that flame alive. Hopefully she will not follow in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps and they do live happily ever after!

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