Google yesterday announced a range of new features including revolutionary voice recognition technology and image-based searching.

The tech giant unveiled Google Voice Search for desktop computers at the Inside Search conference in San Francisco.

It will allow users to start browsing by simply speaking their query into a microphone.
The feature, previously available on mobile devices, will also allow users to translate their voice into several languages without ever touching a keyboard.
“If you can say it, you can search for it,” a spokesman said”
The new features will also allow users to search with an image.
For example, if you drag a photo of the Gold Coast into Google, the site will try to identify the location and search for relevant websites.
If you upload a picture of a sign written in Chinese, Google will be able to translate it.

The feature will be available only for Google’s Chrome browser and will be rolled out in the US this week, followed by other regions to be announced shortly.

The company also announced measures to make searching easier on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The number of searches on desktops fall at night and on weekends when searches on mobile devices rise, a spokesman said.

“In the past two years, mobile search traffic has grown five-fold and mobile search today is growing at a comparable pace to Google in the early years,” he said.

The announcement was welcomed on Twitter. One user tweeted: “Screaming at your laptop will be now more productive than ever”.

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