Harshdeep Kaur lights up the show with her soulful performance of the Sufi number ‘Hoo’.The song has been released exclusively for the Coke Studio at MTV Facebook page on reaching 2 Lakh Facebook fans.

Song: ‘Hoo’
Singer – Harshdeep Kaur
Music Director – Lesle Lewis
Keyboard – Zoheb Khan
Drums – Darshan Doshi
Electric Guitar – Nyzel D’Lima
Accoustic Guitar – Sanjoy Das
Bass Guitar – Dibyajyoti Nath
Flute – Paras Nath
Percussions – Arun Solanki

Sun fariyaad peeraan deya peera,
Hear my prayers, oh saint of saints

main aakh sunaavaan keenu hoo…
who should I tell my plight

WehRe saade vaRhdaa naaheen,
He does not enter the doorsteps of my heart

te main lakh vaseele paavaaN hoo…
and I make countless pleas

Na main sohni na daulat palle,
Neither am I beautiful neither do I have wealth

te main keekan yaar manaavaan hoo…
how am I to please my beloved love

eho dukh hamesha raihsee Bahoo,
This sadness has always been there, oh Bahoo.
ke main rondaRee mar jaavaan hoo…
that I might die crying in pain

Ishaq mahi ne laayiaaN aagaN,
Beloved Love has set me on fire

onha lagiyaN kaun bujhaave hoo…
who will extinguish theses fires (wounds)

Mein ki jaana jaat ishq di kehi,
What do I know what the race of love is

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