Name of track: Teray Bina
Artist: Chaos and B-Nyce Ft. Shoaib and Zavi
Music by: Black Mug Productions

Who are we? Meet the people at Just Imagine Labs, from left to right: Chaos, DJ Z (not shown), B-Nyce. They are of the same belief that few others have started to express as well. Pakistan had its fair share of Rock now it is time for RAP. With versatility as main advantage, members of Just Imagine Labs write their lyrics in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, production, and composition.

Shoaib Rehman is a student of Computer Sciences and doing his BS(CS) from GCU Lahore. His motivation and passion of music finally took him to the recording room to feature this song. The variations of his powerful vocals add more feel to the song.

Zavi Fatima is a student at Kinnaird College Lahore and her love for the music gave her the chance to feature this song.

Why RAP? They believe that RAP allows to freely express the extreme of emotions, which not all genre of music allow. “We live in a global community. In order to communicate effectively, one has to deliver according to the audience’s understanding and music is that medium.”

What brought them together? Even though each of the members is professionally employed in their respective field, they realized the need to create awareness through music and provide the generation with some food for thought, in line with self realization or more fictitious story telling.

What’s next? They realize the need for an individual to break free from rituals and try change. They believe that everything is possible and all you have to do is “Just Imagine” it.

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Part -1
Thinking of the time when I had you by my side
Not looking at the consequences, willingly to ride
Stick, sticking to the troubles not running away to hide
We thru thick and thin always fought to survive
No matter how hard all the people wanna try
We always kept on pushing, steady passing people by
But when it became necessary do it or you die
You started with the secrets then you turned them into lies
Cause actions speak louder then the words and we bore
The burden of the love, now the heart’s feeling sore
Nights are lonely, restless got me yearning for more
But you walked away when I needed you the most
Is this how it ends, do I really need to know
Two things on my mind wanna settle as you go
One, that you said that you never gonna let me go
Two, what’s the broken promise when you never get to show

Jaan mera jahan, aik werana, tha teray bina, meri zindagi mei aa
Aa bhi ja, tu aa k zara, dey bhi dey mujhay jeenay ka bahana

Kadi milya ni moka Tenu kinj samjhawan
Kina kerna main pyar Tunay kabhi bhi na jana
Na koi hosh na thikana, Duniya se lar jana
Tere naam utay saaray maine jag nu lutaana
Lab k bahanay mainu kol bulana
Mainu pass bitha k khaali taktay hai jana
Teri baaton ne hasana, Naye khwabon ko sajana
Roothna manana ye tha pyar ka zamana
Raaton main satana, Mujhe bara tarpana
Her baar rulana, sab lagay anjana
Kiu na mujhko pehchana, ik baar to batana
Chora tere liye sab kuch, Dosti Yarana
Ab maine jana, Mera pyar anjana
Tunay abhi bhi na mana k mai nai begaana
Baar baar nai batana mere dil ka fasana
Tu hai meri sab kuch or main tera deewana

Jaan mera jahan, aik werana, teray bina (teray bina)
Meri zindagi mei aa, aa bhi ja
Dey dey mujhay tu jeenay ka bahana
Meri zindagi ki thay, khwab jo udhuray
Teri yaadoun kay saharay, akeli raatoun k nazaray
Meri yeh khamoshian (khamoshian)
dilko rola dein, per tujko dhadkanian kyon pukaray (pukaray)

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