Qayaas to release Video for “Shehrezade”..

Qayaas literally translated as “deliberation” is not only the name of our band but the essence that encapsulates the entire philosophy behind our music. The idea or feeling taking birth in one band member’s mind is developed and brought to fruition by collective deliberation or Qayaas by the whole band. Five different people, their different moods, outlooks and music philosophies harmoniously blend to form compositions that reflect the true spirit and creative energy of our band; unadulterated in this wondrous journey by commercial concerns or other shortcuts.
Qayaas The band who are the winners of JD Award for the best rock band 2010 is the first progressive alternative rock band from Pakistan and is all set to release video of song “Shehrezade” from its album “Uss Paar” and video is expected to be released in the coming weekend.

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