Mountain Dew fuels Fast 5

Mountain Dew brings you an exhilarating experience showcasing Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the Rock in an action packed Fast5.

Mountain Dew has always been the great tasting beverage which gets your adrenaline pumping like no other beverage.  The brand has never disappointed its fans in terms of providing platforms to unleash the feeling of adventure and thrill that they have within themselves. From challenging rock climbing competitions to tantalizing reality shows like “Living on the Edge”, Mountain Dew has lived up to its reputation of being the most exciting youth brand.  And this time around, Mountain Dew has something mind blowing to offer to its consumers. The most awaited action flick of the year, FAST 5 is coming to Pakistan and Mountain Dew is giving you the opportunity to experience the thrill like never before.

Text ‘Dew Fast 5’ to 2030 and you could win tickets to Abu Dhabi, X Box’s and movie tickets.

Mountain Dew also brings you an opportunity to be a part of the FAST 5 excitement by engaging in an online extravaganza, The Mountain Dew FAST 5 league. Log on to , create your street racer profile complete with your mug shot  and compete with other Mountain Dew Street Racers by attempting  trivia quizzes, winning twitter races and submitting creative artwork  based on the Fast and the Furious series. Accumulate points to rise up the ranks and become the ‘Most Wanted’ street racer. In the process you could win daily cinema tickets, weekly X-Box gaming consoles or a trip for two to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

So get ready! Fasten your seat belts! It is going to be Fast! It is going to be Furious! …Its time to Do the Dew!

Mountain Dew Fast & Furious 5 – SMS and Win Free Prizes (Promo)

Mountain Dew FasT & Furious 5 extended HD Trailer & Wallpapers

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