Artist: Flint J
Song: Dance Soniye

Flint J – Dubai’s very own Urban Desi Pop Fusion Star!

Music became his passion at a young age. With time, Flint J, learned to enjoy and understand the
technicalities of various genres of music. In the several years leading up to his first album, ‘ADDICTION’, written solely by him and produced by Flawless Tracks Productions, his passion has only evolved; and, it continues to propel him to greater heights.

Flint J is the latest Punjabi artist to hit the music circuit. With his debut single ‘Dance Soniye’ he springs on to the scene with an exciting new sound & a distinctive urban style.

Flint J is planning to take Punjabi music to a new experimental level. The combination of his smooth vocal style, catchy pop rhythms and clean-cut urban approach has already got industry insiders touting Flint J to be one of the year’s hottest new artistes. He is set to push the boundaries of the Asian music market with his fresh new sound which can only be aptly described as Urban Desi.

He is not just a singer, but also a songwriter as well as a composer. He believes in originality as according to him that’s the key to successful music. Flint J’s pulse for creativity and niche approach have already rendered him a star for the audiences.

His last two performances, Jashn 2011 and New Years Eve, at Bits Pilani & Dubai Aviation Club respectively, have witnessed a storm brewing in the audiences. They are spell bound with the trance of music and lyrics that are so relatable & contemporary. Even the likes of Imran Khan (of Amplifier fame) who performed on the same stage on New Years Eve 2011, joined those many applauding members of the media and music fraternity that was present at the event.

His musical preferences are Dance, Hip Hop, RnB, House, Techno, Regge and many more.

Recent Live Performance:

Flint J Performing Live @ NYE Max Attack 2010, Along side Imran Khan, Sona Family, Labh Janjua & DJs Shadow & Kevin. Flint J took the crowd by storm with his singles “Dance Soniye” & “Hass De Ni”.

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