PMR Exclusive Interview with Vika Jigulina – The Voice of Stereo Love

We all have heard and loved the major hit of 2010 ‘Stereo Love’. The voice behind this song, Vika Jigulina, gave an exclusive interview to PMR. Vika Jigulina is legal co-writer of the song with Edward Maya.

Vika Jigulina is a music producer, a DJ…she is vocal and even artist. Well, Vika got famous for it’s recently album with Edward Maya called Stereo Love, in a music with the same name of the album that was the first solo from Edward Maya.

PMR: How did your music career start?
Vika Jigulina:
As a child I used to sing and as I grew older I decided to take piano/guitar lessons at the Music High School in my country. Next came the DJ career and then the singer one.

PMR: What would you be if you were not a musician?
Vika Jigulina:
I really really like fashion and clothing, so perhaps I would try something in this domain. Maybe a fashion stylist at a glossy magazine.

PMR: Where did you take your education from?
Vika Jigulina:
Well I learned music from school but my true education came from my mother and from life in general.

PMR: Who is your inspiration?
Vika Jigulina:
I don’t have a certain musician that I follow, but I often listen to Sting and Andain.

PMR: Did you think before the release of stereo love that it is going to be that big? What role did stereo love play in your life?
Vika Jigulina:
Stereo Love has been so far my greatest accomplishment in music. I hoped that it will be a great success but I have to admit that it was even better than what I expected.

PMR: Who do you think is more likely to be a successful musician, a person with music education or natural talent?
Vika Jigulina:
In my opinion, to become a successful musician you must have a little of both talent and education. It’s just like “ing & iang”.

PMR: If you were stuck in a desert and you could carry only one beauty product with you, what would it be?
Vika Jigulina
: I think my lip salve would be the one and only.

PMR: Who was your first celebrity crush?
Vika Jigulina:
I usually try to like people next to me. So, as a teenager, I didn’t really have a celebrity crush. I prefer real people if you know what I mean.

PMR: How did it feel like when you gave your first autograph to a fan?
Vika Jigulina:
The feeling is always the same. It’s such a joy to see that the music that you create can make someone else happy.

PMR: Do you prefer fame over money?
Vika Jigulina:
I prefer happiness over all.

PMR: What is that one habit that you want to change in you?
Vika Jigulina:
I need to stop giving people credit from the beginning. It’s sometimes a virtue but there are some people who take advantage of that.

PMR: According to a famous quote, you are what you eat. Which food would you describe yourself as?
Vika Jigulina:
Maybe I’m more like a sweet and sour fruit. Fruits are my favorite.

PMR: If you had to choose just one place in the world to live in, where would you go?
Vika Jigulina:
There are a few places that I prefer in this world, but I think I’d rather be happy with my family because they are my true home.

PMR: If you were a chocolate, which one would you be ?
Vika Jigulina:
Certainly a milk one.

PMR: What is your greatest fear?
Vika Jigulina:
To lose my dear ones and my family. I could never be the same without these people in my life.

PMR: What are the three things that you look for in a man? Did you find such person yet?
Vika Jigulina:
Nobody’s perfect! I don’t have specific demands. But if he can make me smile and happy then that’s more than enough for me.

PMR: What would you do if you got to know that you have just one day left to live?
Vika Jigulina:
I would be with my loved ones and my music.

PMR: What is the biggest challenge that you had to face so far?
Vika Jigulina:
To stand on my own as an artist and as a DJ without any help and hope. But I seem to have gotten it right after all.

PMR: What are the current projects that you are working on?
Vika Jigulina:
The Stereo Love album is soon to be released and then many more projects with international artists.

PMR: How would you feel about performing in Pakistan?
Vika Jigulina:
As long as I got my fans, it doesn’t matter where I perform. I would be very honored.

PMR: What message would you like to give to your fans in Pakistan?
Vika Jigulina:
If you are true fans never forget to check the upcoming events on and on the official page where you can find details about the upcoming tours. You all made it happen… tnx a lot… kss:*

Interviewed & Edited By: Sadaf Nazir
Courtesy/Coordination: Sohaib Shah

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