Ali Zafar – Jhoom (Download Album)

Mobilink Jazz proudly takes you on an amazing journey with Ali Zafar’s third album ‘Jhoom’ which has been mastered at world’s famous ‘Abbey Road Studios‘. In his latest album, Ali explores his mystical side by touching upon Sufi and Semi-classical music, and invites you all to drift into a mystical land of melody and soul. He is a star in true sense.

Today, on the Valentine’s Day, the album has simultaneously been released all-over Pakistan through Alif Records and in India and the rest of the world by Yash Raj Music.

This page brings you exclusive content from Ali Zafar’s new album along with a chance to listen to his new album!

Watch the official music video of the title track here.

“Apnon Kay Sang Jhoom”

Download Instructions:

Dial 230, Select Language, Press 3 and enter the code.
Price: Rs 3.99 + tax / min, Rs 15 + tax / month

You can download Caller Ring Back Tones for Jhoom Album with following codes:

Tracklist Download Code
* Jhoom
* Allah Hu
* Dastan e Ishq
* Dastan e Ishq (Dhol Version)
* Jaan e man
* Jab say dekha tujh ko
* Janey na
* Jee dhoondta hai
* Jhoom R&B
* Koi umeed
* Nahin Ray Nahin
* Yar Dhadi
* 143308
* 143774
* 143775
* 143776
* 143777
* 143778
* 143779
* 143780
* 143781
* 143782
* 143783
* 143784

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