Ali Zafar sings the Official World Cup Song!

Earlier we reported based on an event page that Atif Aslam will be doing the official World Cup 2011 song. However, soon ahead, we realized, that was not true and the event page was fake! Since the video shoot was still being done at Qadaffi stadium, we looked deeper into the matter to get artist’s name and found out something really interesting.

It’s prince of pop, Ali Zafar, who has sung, composed and written the official cricket world cup 2011 song.

Cricket World cup is a big occasion for us and probably one of the very few sources of excitement left for us. It makes all the more sense for us to celebrate it as much as we can. Another source for us to celebrate is our music. These two combined together is a lethal combination. And who better to sing for this joyous moment than our very own most celebrated Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar is singing, writing and composing the world cup song, video for which is in the process of shoot, confirmed us Ammara, Ali Zafar’s media publicist. Normally the biggest stars and singers are chosen by Multi nationals all over the world to render the world cup song for sports like Shakira was chosen for football with Waka Waka. And surveys put Ali Zafar on the top of the list for our region. It is heard that Ali Zafar took special time off from his bollywood ventures and locked himself in the studio for one week to compose, arrange and write the song. Seems like we have a winner this time, if not in the game then probably in the song.

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  1. Somehow, I feel it won’t be that great. I doubt a sense of unity coming from his song, just like he did in the past with the song “aasman ko chhootay”. But never the less, I’m anxious to listen to the outcome. Please update me on when the song will be released and when you guys at pmr will upload it. Thanks, cheers guys.


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