Nadia Ali – “Queen of Clubs Trilogy” Released

Talented singer-songwriter Nadia Ali assembles her greatest dance hits spanning throughout her remarkable musical career on a unique Dance Album compilation series entitled: “Queen of Clubs: Ruby Edition” (August 2010). Bringing together newly remixed dance tracks onto one album, Nadia Ali “Queen of Clubs” pays tribute to DJ/Producers whom she considers to be “King of Clubs”.

The compilation features remixed tracks from her debut solo album “Embers”, collaborations with everybody from Tocadisco to Schiller, and a brand-new selection of Ruby Edits on tracks from Nadia Ali’s early days as one half of iiO. These exclusive Ruby Edits were created with long time collaborators Fritzy a.k.a. Scott Fritz (“The One” & “Rebel”) and Lance Jordan (“Kiss You”).

The list of renowned DJ’s and producers that have remixed Nadia Ali’s singles over the years is a sheer testament to Nadia Ali and her ability to write emotionally moving songs that are only matched by the unique and distinctive quality of her voice.

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