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Cignition is a viewer choice Pakistani film project by a team who takes pride in pride and doesn’t believe “the way its supposed to be” is the way it has to be. They don’t believe the critics are the final say – They don’t believe money should be the boundary when it comes to doing a film. LASTLY, They don’t believe the big wigs are the only wigs so once our movie (the viewer choice Pakistani film) hit the shelves …try Them on? They surely be a good fit.

About Cignition:

Cignition is a viewer choice Independent Pakistani Film project recultavitaing positive hope in our youth. They have posted 5 STORIES of different genres (Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi) on our Voting Page. Viewers(YOU) can read the stories and vote for the one they like and the Top Voted story will be made into a Pakistani Film.

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Lets Take a look on Ciginition recently produced independent short Films & Clips.


Movie about a guy who discovers the unpredictability of this life by dint of unprecedented events.


A social message highlighting our cynical attitude as a nation.


This short film is a sarcastic public service message instigating us to think on our ‘real’ problems.

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Cignition is going to launch a Viewers Choice Film first time in Pakistan and this movie will be on air soon on all Pakistani cinemas & also available on DVD`s. For this purpose they have already wrote five Stories and then they choose 1 story which will be voted by 5000 times.

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