Atif aslam is in town and recording songs for his new album

Great news for Atif Aslam fans out there. After doing many concerts across the Globe released 3 albums and all the 3 albums where on the top of the charts. While you might be thinking of Atif Aslam new Album + His debut movie BOL. Well BOL will be released soon “Cheers” here comes the main part about Atif Aslam next 4th Album, are you dying to hear the new album of Atif Aslam?. Well the great news is when i called Atif Aslam and asked him about his new Album he told “I am in town and recording songs for my new Album”. Thats a great news for Atif Aslam fans. We wish him Best of luck for his future and his Album keep rocking Atif Aslam.!!

By: Abdul Aleem (PMR)

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